Indulge. Pamper. Spoil.

Enter the warm and soothing atmosphere of Vizi Spa for a customized massage/wellness session with one of our certified massage therapists. The heated candle-lit room is filled with meditative music and aromas tailored to your preference to create the ultimate calming experience for your massage. At Vizi we want to tailor your massage experience to fit your specific needs. Keep reading to discover all the massage types available.


Myofascia tissues surround and support the muscles and organs throughout the human body. It is the most common soft tissue found in our bodies. Myofascial release is a massage therapy that assists in reducing chronic pain caused by sensitivity and tightness in the myofascial tissues.


Swedish Massage

A relaxation based modality that aims to facilitate the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body, as well as push toxins and metabolic waste out. With long and flowing strokes, this massage will induce deep relaxation, and will make you feel refreshed. This is a gentle massage that can be performed with various pressure levels.


Deep Tissue Massage

Corrective therapy is used to penetrate deep layers of hardened tissue to relieve pain or help in the healing of injury. Trigger Point Therapy is used in this modality, which is very applying this deep pressure on specific points in muscular tissue. This causes profound releases of pain. For deep pressure lover, these techniques can also be used in a full body relaxation massage.


Craniosacral Therapy

Energetic form of therapy that incorporates a series of light touch holds to energetically influence the creation and flow of the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain, dural tube, and the sacrum. This is often described as guided meditation, however its effects heal deeper, A full Craniosacral session can be performed in a 60 minute, fully clothed session, or bits of this energetic modality can be incorporated in a tradition massage.

*Available by request


Lomi Lomi

Sacred massage based in ancient Hawaiian spirituality. Traditionally a rite of passage in Hawaiian culture, this style is a fast paced, forearm massage that aims to honor the receiver. Due to its sacred nature, we do not offer the full tradition ritual, but can integrate the flowing techniques and spiritual intention into a Swedish or deep tissue massage.  


Hot Stone Massage

An addition of hot basalt stones can create a deeper level of relaxation, or can warm up tissue to allow for easier release of hardened tissue. The heat gently penetrates muscles and connective tissue while at the same time encourages blood flow especially in moving hot stone.

*Available by request


Couples Massage

Share healing space with a loved one. A couples massage allows people to bond on a deep and soothing level. Make a date of it!

*All couples massages need to be booked with our front desk, and we need a credit card to hold your reservation.


Prenatal Massage

No matter the stage a mother-to-be is at with her pregnancy a gentle to firm Swedish massage can hit the spot. Our therapist is trained in bolstering and cushioning the client to her comfort level. Whether to relieve feet or low back pain, or just to relax and have "me time", massage can aid in the pregnancy glow! (Please indicate when booking if you or client is expecting and how far along).


We make it easy - Pay for time and not technique.


30 Minute Express Massage

A quick session that is good for focusing on a problem area (upper back and neck, hands and feet, an intense tension headache) or to relieve daily stress.


60 Minute Massage

Enjoy a full body session, or focus on your problem areas. (can add hot/moving stones).



Perfect for a fully body massage as well as focusing on problem areas. The 90 minute massage will allow you to pamper yourself with a full body relaxation based massage and at the same time get corrective therapeutic work done on your areas of tension.



A full body experience that works slowly to put you into deep relaxation and to work on multiple areas of tension.


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