In my 25 year career at Ameriprise, and my other enterprises, I have learned the value of excellent customer service which has made me passionate about teamwork; and, the customer experience - your experience at Vizi.


The very name Vizi comes from the Italian word Viziare, which means quite literally to indulge, pamper and spoil.  The name Vizi is totally organic in that the whole team gathered around our kitchen island to brainstorm names; and, after maybe a couple of bottles of wine or so, Vizi came to light. We have worked hard ever since to build out our top notch team of talented professionals to deliver on that promise for you and work together to ensure you have the best possible experience.


When we launched Vizi Spa and Salon in 2008, my vision was to create a warm, welcoming environment with just the right blend of luxury, sophistication and comfort that maintained the Uptown Vibe, yet provided a sanctuary for clients to escape their hectic lives. And, to do it all with a great team. 


While I am the owner, I am deeply committed to being your ultimate host.  I’m here to help you arrange group events such as bachelorette or wedding parties, or even just an afternoon for you and your friends to reconnect while enjoying your relaxing services.


Indulge. Pamper. Spoil.  You deserve it!